entradaIn our phyisical store located on street Joaquín Costa on Barcelona, it’s still possible to find original antique newspapers, as our newspapers are unique items recovered from private collections, which gives a special value to this gift. We have an extense collection were you will be able to find your perfect gift.

We have original newspapers from almost every date, and we keep working day after day to achieve this goal.

If we do not have the exact date for your gift we have various alternatives such as magazines, covers and many other options.

Those alternative options are also delivered with an authenticity certificate.



c/ Joaquín Costa, 44 (store)08001 Barcelona

Subway “Universidad” line 1 (red), line 2 (purple)

Tel: 933025996, e-mail: info@periodicosregalo.com


Going down from Plaza Universidad to Ronda de San Antonio, first street on the left (you’ll be able to see the «teatro Goya» as a reference), this is the Joaquín Costa street and we are on number 44.

Business hours

Monday to Friday, from 10:00h to 18:00h.

(Uninterrumpted business hours)… tuesday until 20:00h.


Our historical newspaper is also an orignal newspaper archive.

Our collection is composed of a very important and extense archive of our history, a day by day tale of what happened in our past. Also, our archive has the added value of being comopsed by only original versions, giving it an extra value and a special charm.

An unique history and cultural heritage, an archive that also gives you the oportunity to purchase that newspapers of the very same day of your beloved one birth date.

A phyisical archive full of newspapers such as La Vanguardia, El País, El Mundo, La Razón, El Diario de Barcelona, El Periódico, El ABC, and a long etc which today are only available on online databases.

Additionally, our store is a searchable archive full of documentation and with a special smell of time past.

tomos1 pasillo diarios-antiguos