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Do you have the original newspaper from the day you were born?

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Periódicos regalo gives you the possibility to make an original and unique gift

We propose you honor the people who are important to you, with a different detail and gift, the original newspaper from the day they were born, married, or any other important event of their life.


We have original copies since 1900. The delivery or shipment is immediate from our store. Find out if we have it..

An original birthday gift, the newspaper from the day you were born

For your anniversary the best gift could be the newspapers from the birth day of the honoree.

Finding a different and original gift original is an increasingly difficult task due to living in a globalized consumer society where «we already have everything».

This birthday present will let him or her know what happened the day of their birth date, the most important day of their life, through the most illustrious words of daily newspapers.

Our work collecting daily newspapers is hard and sometimes does not give the expected results or is somewhat slow, sometimes we do not have copies of all dates, but there are alternatives such as the newspaper from the next day (with last day’s news) or weekly magazines (with news of the week). This can also be the perfect birthday gift and even more complete.

These anniversary gifts are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that certifies the newspapers.

It is a romantic alternative to newspaper recycling, an ideal birthday gift for the nostalgic who wants to relive a small piece of history explained on the first day … of the rest of their life!

We consider our offer a real alternative for anyone looking for amazing birthday gifts. One of the newspapers of the day of their birth as a birthday present with a certificate of authenticity and an optional folder for presentation and preservation.


Different corporate gifts

It is becoming harder to find in the market of corporate gifts something that cause your customers the desired effect … they’ll remember you with affection and even for a long time, your personal originality will make him or her keep it for ever.

Our offer of original newspapers from significant dates makes it very effective company gift.

The copy of the newspaper for your corporate gifts is always accompanied by the respective Certificate of Authenticity, may be presented with an elegant folder with your corporate logo, and even properly framed so it’s always present and visible in your customer office.

We believe it is a truly unique gift as it is not that easy to find newspapers from very specific dates from several years old, and even less to be able to dispose of them in the right moment. We maintain a large stock of copies of newspapers and magazines, stored and sorted, allowing us in 98% of cases to accomplish with corporate gifts requests.

It is also a very personal gift, emotional and touching for your customers and freelancers.

More than a corporate gift is a «surprise» gift, original and authentic. Your most beloved and most important customers, or deserving employees, will never have a corporate gift more charismatic and surprising.


Periódicos Regalo for a very special occasion.

Newspapers form the birth date or a wedding anniversary, among other possible events constitute a quite different and unique gift.
Gift newspapers have an originality that escapes conventional gifts to which we are used to offer, like a book, tie, perfume, music CD or a decorative object, for example.

That is why it manages to be unexpected, emotional, funny and surprising to the recipient because it is something unknown and, simultaneously, nice and pretty.

Newspapers are a gift suitable for almost all ages, as both a young person, adult or elderly are able to appreciate that special value it has and they deserve.

By giving a newspaper of day of birth or a wedding anniversary, you are giving away a piece of the past history of those who receive it, which makes them relive that era which once they belonged and lived in, and now only lasts in memory.

In short, the main goal of our newspapers is to bring the past to the present, a simple, practical and direct way of knowing how were the old days when a person was born or married, and contrast it with the present.