If you have any doubts, please review the frequently asked questions that other users had in the past. You migth find what you were looking for before purchasing one of our newspapers.


¿What is the oldest newspaper available?

We have daily newspapers dating back to 1900. Altough the most demandeds are for special gifts to people who are turning 40, 50 or 60 years old (1953, 1963, 1973).

How can I know if there is newspapers availability for the date I am interested in? How can I order?

Before coming to our phyisical store, you can check our availability, and place your order by phone: 933025996 or Internet: info@periodicosregalo.com. Once the availability has been confirmed, you can purchase it on our physical store or fill the order form so we can ship it to you via MRW cash on delivery.

Does any kind of newspaper and date cost the same?

Yes, the all cost the same.

If you are selling the original, will you lose it?

Yes, however, we will try to find a new one, altough every time is more and more difficult.

How do you find that many original newspapers?

By putting lots of efforts and always being searching on particular’s collections, antique stores and many other places. Also, by buying any newspapers that comes to our hands.

How can you preserve the newspapers?

The best way is keeping them away from direct light, and under controlled humidity and air conditions. Our presentation folders are also meant to accomplish this functionality.

Are all the newspapers in a good state?

Most of them are. They are in the same state as we managed to get them. The ones that come to us in a bad condition are being restored in the most appropriate. At the end, the state and content of each newspaper is the reflect of the history itself and the years past, thus making the old acquire an special charm and value.

Do you customize original newspapers?

No. We offer them as they have been acquired.

What does (except if sold*) means?

There are special dates were we have limited availability. So it might be possible that since when we answer your availability query and when you place the purchase order we might have sold it. It’s always recommendable to call us before visiting the physical store to ensure we still have the newspaper and so that we can save it for you during a limited amount of time.

In case you don’t have availability for the newspaper I wanted, what can we do?

We have available weekly and monthly magazines from the date you are interested in. Also, you might consider acquiring a first page of the newspaper (Cover) as we have many of them as well.



Do you accept bookings for newspapers?

No. Unfortunately we are unable to do so as being original newspapers we have a limited availability and we feel obligated to prioritize those customers who visit us on our physical store.]

How long will I have to wait to get my newspapers?

If we have availability of the date requested the delivery is immediate. However, if we need to ship it you’ll be receiving it within 24/72 hours on Spain and under a cash back delivery.

How are the newspapers presented?

Every single newspapers, covers, magazines, …, comes with an authenticity certificate and, In most cases a separate page is included with a biographic resume. Additionally, you can purchase a beautiful folder which can be customized and will also improve its preservation.

Can I request a single news or photography?

No. We work with dates. As we have such a big newspapers storage and we have no possibility to digitalize them it would be impossible for us to search by news or photo. Should you need a single news or image we recommend you to search for it and then request the newspaper that contains it.

Do you have anything cheaper?

Yes, we also offer Covers, magazines or even graphical notes which are cheaper.

If I order more than a single newspaper, are the shipping taxes still the same?

Yes, it’s advised to place all your request together in order to only pay once for shipping taxes.

I have noticed that newspapers from Civil war and postwar are really poor in content. What’s the reason?

Basically it’s due to the socio-economic situation that Spain was living back then, there was shortage of everything including even food existences and newspapers were also affected. However, the newspapers are still a perfect reflex of what was happening on that time with quite short and bullet point news giving them an extra value.

Do you have foregin newspapers?

For being true, very little and it would be such a coincidence that we have availability for the date you are interested on. However, we can get you in touch with our colleagues around the world!

Do you have regional newspapers?

Not many of them and mostly from Barcelona. However it’s worth checking